husqvarna robotic lawn mower

husqvarna robotic lawn mower The robot lawn mower: you dreamed about is not it? Quietly sipping your cocktail on the terrace, lying on y...

husqvarna robotic lawn mower

The robot lawn mower: you dreamed about is not it? Quietly sipping your cocktail on the terrace, lying on your deckchair, a book in hand and the fingers of feet up while your lawn is mowed without your help. Well, the mower robot: finish the chore! A good example video below

The first advantage of the robot mower, which we call in our jargon mowing robot, is of course the fact that this miraculous little device mows his own lawn without your help and especially any time that you can the program. Your lawn mowing same time that you're on vacation, it is not life grand? The robot mowers emit very little noise because they are electric, so, no need to ask the question! You can mow day or night and even on Sundays! The fact that the mowing robots are electric makes them more environmentally friendly. Compared to thermal mower, they do not emit greenhouse gases. You'll find on the market, lawnmowers robots equipped with solar panels, more ecological and economical, requiring only the sun to function. Finally, one of the last advantages and significant: space saving! Mowing robot is smaller than a conventional mower, it takes up much less space.
As you can see, the benefits of robotic mower are numerous. Yes but now, how to navigate across many models proposed store? Do not trust to chance in the choice of your lawnmower robot, you could leave the feathers! Indeed, some robot mowers are more efficient than others in different situations, parameters are taken into account, so follow the guide ...

1. Your field

First, ask yourself if your land is suitable, and yes, it is one of the downsides of mowing robots today. Depending on the configuration of your garden, lawn robots are not always Flowers of violets in the garden of Mirabel. Salzburg, Austriaadaptées: for example, if your pitch is too slanted (slope 30% and more) or if it has multiple lawn areas at various locations, etc. Feel free to make your store with a diagram of your lawn to be advised as possible. The best solution is of course a valuation of your land by a professional at home EQUIP'JARDIN example 😉
Once your done expertise, choose your mowing robot according to the m² surface of your lawn. This setting is important if you want a finished work, clean and regular, since it determines the capacity of your robotic mower to mow a given surface throughout the year. That is why you need to opt for a robot mower mowing with a capacity of at least equal to the area of ​​your garden, and, if your garden is full of trees and / or has a lot of beds flowers or various obstacles, feel free to take a margin on your surface m² 20% extra on shearing capacity of your robot. The robot mowers cover areas ranging from 300 sqm to over 10,000 m².
2. Robotic mowers or wireless?

There are 2 types of robot mower:
Robots with perimeter cable: you must define your field with cables, including barriers (mountains, etc.). Honestly, for this type of robots, I highly recommend the use of a professional because it is a long process, which can quickly become a Chinese puzzle (calculation of widths, lengths, perimeters, securing the cables to the soil with plastic nails ...). The professional will quickly and very well you set up your home installation through the machine laying cable. This machine automatically bury the perimeter wire of 3cm in the ground for a professional result and especially the guarantee of a permanent settlement in time for your robot mower.
Robots Wireless: Unlike robots with wireless device, they avoid the obstacles themselves. Yes, but how to prevent them slip to the neighbor or flee to the road? Do not panic ! The robot mowers wireless never leave the lawn because they rely on the chlorophyll present in the grass of your lawn thanks to their sensors. So they never leave the grass surface. Now, if your lawn is not separated / delimited the scope of your neighbor, that's another story 🙂

3. With or without charging station?

robotTout mower depends on how lazy you want to "practice" (laughs). If your robotic mower does not have a charging station, it will be up to you to remember to charge it and start it manually. Mowing robot itself provided a charging station is fully autonomous: it launches and loads automatically and goes to line up all alone in the rain. This is not the case of the charging station without robot, which to him, stops mowing after rain detected but remains on site. Think about it if you live in an area where rainfall is frequent or unpredictable, in order to avoid damage to your equipment. Also note that some robot mower models have an SMS function and inform you in real time when they encounter a problem with mowing as "I'm sorry, but with the rain,I could not mow today ' hui. I will give it tomorrow if time permits. ".
4. What type of cutting?
It is highly recommended to mow your lawn every day with a mowing robot. You need it to define your mowing season and program your equipment accordingly. Why daily robot me john You deeredemanderez mower? Well, simply because this miraculous little device will not pick up for you lawn clippings! We should not exaggerate anyway! But do not panic ! It's not for you to pick! Why ? Well, because the robot mower performs what is called a mulch mowing, that is to say, it has a specific cutting blade which grinds the herbs during its passage and places them on your lawn . The fact that your herbs are ground are a natural fertilizer, your lawn is green and shot exudes health all year! Ah these mowers robots, how wonderful!

5. The crossing capacity of your lawn mower robot
The elevation accepted by mowing robots differ from one model to another, so you need to 1) make sure the amplitude of your lawn if it is sloping and 2) choose a mower robot function of altitude 18 °? 22 °? 27 °?

6. Power consumption
prise_electriqueComme I indicated to you earlier, robot mowers are more environmentally friendly because they run on electricity. However, you must still think about your electricity consumption and the bill that goes with it! While mowing robots do not consume much energy, mow every day, and depending on your lawn size, can impact your energy consumption. Know that the power consumption of a mowing robot can vary between 178 and 944wh by mowing. If you want to opt for a mowing robot while having reduced energy consumption, use a lawnmower robot equipped with Lithium-ion batteries.

7. The autonomy of your lawnmower robot tonterobot
Primordial setting! Especially if you have a large area! The average range of a mowing robot is 2 hours and can go until 10 am, so already think ahead about how much time you put today to mow your lawn. This will give you an idea of ​​the desired autonomy.

 8. The life of your battery
The lifespan of a battery for a lawnmower robot is minimum 2 years, but if you prefer Lithium-ion batteries, while the lifetime spend on average 5 years.
robot mower miimo hrm 3009. The cooldown robot lawnmowers
Depending on the model, it can vary between 2 and 20 hours! Therefore ensure well to consider this factor to your robot mower according to the use you want to do. For a quick recharge, again, focus on lithium-ion batteries.
10. The weight of your robot mower
The weight of a robot mower can vary between 8 and 35kgs. So you tell me, if I opt for a charging station, regardless of the weight, it will rank alone! Yes, but then think of those who do not opt ​​for this option and which suddenly must go for a mower 30kgs robot in the middle of the garden to go to the store in the garden shed or greenhouse garden! Beware of back pain!

 11. The programming zonesLuxury apartments (condo)
If your garden has areas difficult to access for your lawnmower robot, function programmable zones is ideal! Let me explain, if you have for example an area of ​​garden to the front and a back garden area and that your lawn mower robot must pass through an avenue of 1m wide 7m long to reach an area to another, the area of ​​programming arranges the problem. According mowing robot models, the number of programmable zones is up 4.
And to finish my article, some practical tips on the use of the robot mower:
Before choosing your robot mower, make sure that you can easily find spare parts and accessories for your mower (cutting blades, batteries, perimeter cable, etc.).
Let your battery still in charge, especially not think that removing the charger will gain the life, on the contrary! Leave his robot mower on its charging station allows it to charge and maintain the battery.
Finally, like all the mowers, and for a long life of your equipment, do not skimp on maintaining your mowing robot, regularly clean the housing and the cutting blade (for more information on these concepts, cf. our article "How to choose your lawn mower without taking the cabbage!"). No time, not enough knowledge or simply do not want? No problem ! Choose a winter package and maintenance from your garden equipment professional (EQUIP'JARDIN if you do not know 😛) to maintain your fitness and robot as long as possible!
Oh and I forgot, check well in the after-sales service and associated services also because you can not imagine the number of clients that I see large land surfaces completely dissatisfied and especially before checkout again ... Go for the pros, at least you will not be disappointed!

Lawn Mower: Sun Joe MJ401E

Lawn Mower: Sun Joe MJ401E In response to the need to have an easy machine to use for backyards of small area, Sun Joe designed the ...

Lawn Mower: Sun Joe MJ401E

In response to the need to have an easy machine to use for backyards of small area, Sun Joe designed the Mow Joe MJ401E, a small electric lawnmower that combines the power of a gasoline engine in the side practice of power supply. Its steel blade is sturdy and accurately mow a width of 35.6 cm (14 inches) on each pass. Also well worth the power it provides, the Mow Joe has a manually adjustable three-position cutting height. The Mow Joe has a rear bag whose upper face is rigid and easily detaches to throw the clippings without embarrassment. Gasoline or oil, or any necessary adjustments. The machine is ETL certified and covered by a full two year warranty.

• Especially recommended for: small-area lawns where an electrical outlet is available within 30 m (100 ft)
• Mower type: Push
• Motor: 12 A
• Cutting width: 35.6 cm (14 in)
• Cutting height: 3.0 cm to 6.1 cm (1.18 inch to 2.4 inch)
• Height control: 3-position manual height adjustment
• Ability rear bag: 40 liters (10.6 gallons)
• Rear Bag provided
• The rear bag the top of which is rigid easily detaches to remove without embarrassment cut grass
• Instant start
• A safety switch prevents accidental start
• No petrol, oil or adjustments necessary for effortless starting
• Weight: 12.7 kg (28 lb)
• The Mow Joe Sun Joe® is maintenance
• ETL Approved
• Full 2-year warranty

Dimensions of the assembled product: the 25.80 inches xP 17.50 inches x 16.70 inches x L p 34.00 pounds

lawn mower reviews

lawn mower reviews  At an half hours forty times a year, you will spend more than fifty hours a year in command of your   lawn mowe...

lawn mower reviews 

At an half hours forty times a year, you will spend more than fifty hours a year in command of your  lawn mower. It is therefore useful to take a few tens of minutes to choose in stores.


Up to 100 m2 of lawn (or twice if you like exercise), a push mower is sufficient in a residence (not necessarily in a second home, because the helical blades will be ineffective against the high grass that has flourished in your absence). The manual mower is simple, light and inexpensive design. It leaves the ears to rest and virtually maintenance free.


 Electric lawn  mowers are best suited to intermediate surfaces, from 200 to 750 m2. Almost as effective as thermal, they are much less noisy. They start instantly and are more reliable mechanically; less expensive to buy, they consume little power (ten times less than thermal). Their default, the strings attached, really annoying in the wooded terrain or obstacles strewn.


 Beyond 1000 m2 of land, despite its drawbacks, the heat becomes almost essential. This is the most powerful and effective. From 3000 m2, it is even necessary to move towards a riding lawn mower is to say a small tractor. The two-stroke engines have disappeared from the market. Now they are four-stroke and run on unleaded fuel.

Propelled OR NOT?

Most thermal lawn lawn mowers are, you will not have to ask the question. The function may exist on power. It is very useful on sloping land. On flat ground, propelled the method is not used much, unless your lawn  mower is exceptionally heavy. In general, electric lawn  mowers are lighter than the heat, but be careful, their weight is very variable (6-25 kg).

Still marginal on the market. Their autonomy is limited (26 min and 11 min for both models tested in Que Choisir No. 481), but can be as powerful as lawn mowers on sector. They do not necessarily cost a lot more expensive to buy. However, attention to the price of the batteries. Must be changed after a certain number of cycles (a few hundred, depending on the manufacturer)


Adjustable handlebars to the user's size is a necessity. Just as easy to remove tray, empty and hang up: we spend so much time to this task than cutting grass. Maneuvers to be tested in stores, before deciding for one of the models on display. A push bar on the handle (and below the handlebar) is more comfortable than the one we pull (placed above). Try, your fingers will confirm this. Check the setting mode of the cutting height. Prefer the central adjustment (by a lever, for example) to the setting wheel by wheel, more tedious.

It is 30 cm for manual and 60 cm for the most powerful heat. This is an important selection criterion on large plot, but quite secondary on small surfaces.

The "mulching" is to cut the grass into fine particles applied to land on the lawn. It is not necessary to pick up the cut grass, transformed into natural fertilizer. This is a plus, but not a revolution. You get almost the same result by mowing your lawn frequently (without the tray, of course) and leaving the product of cutting the lawn. Do not do this if the grass is already high: it will clump together in large packages that smother your lawn.


The robot lawn  mowers work for you, even in your absence. Useless, in addition, to collect the grass waste are small and compost on site. Disadvantages: the system can be tedious (although define the scope and program the robot) and the deterrent prices. Expensive to buy, they are also in use (blade change every year, sharpening is not possible). These mowers work on the same principle as robot vacuums, but with better results. According to our measurements with fully charged batteries, robots cover 65 m2 to 150 m2, it must then wait 50 to 120 minutes for the battery is charging. Thus, for a surface of 400 m2, it will take at least 8 hours to complete mowing. According to the surface of their land, some owners buy several robot mowers. And make them work 24/24, to the chagrin of the neighborhood ...